Two Faces of the Dragon

30 August 2015

The exhibition "Two Faces of the Dragon" has been opened on 13th August at the Wawel Royal Castle. It will be opened till 10th October. The entrance is free of charge.

"Two Faces of the Dragon" is a journey through the history of the study and restoration of the Dragon’s Den as well as confrontation of different pictures of “pagan” dragons with “Christian” dragons and the terrible beast of legends and folktales.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, among the invited guests was Apply Capnor Poland, that had contributed to prepared exhibits. Laser scanning technology allowed to obtain faithful reproduction of the complex and rich structure of the Dragon's Den, which can be admired at the exhibition in a specially prepared spatial installation.

Information about the project and materials prepared by Apply Capnor Poland can be found in the project section of our website, by choosing architecture's samples (

Two Faces of the Dragon

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