• Barbican

    Barbican is one of the best known monuments in Krakow. Apply Capnor Poland scanned and photographed it in May 2010.

  • Luneta Warszawska Fort

    During the renovation of the Luneta Warszawska Fort prisoners’ inscriptions were found in one of the rooms. They appeared to be very important for the Polish history after the 2nd world war.

  • Kanonicza Street

    Kanonicza street and the buildings located along the street were scanned and photographed. As a result, spherical panoramic pictures and elevation drawings of selected houses were created.

  • St. Kinga's Chapel

    St. Kinga’s Chapel was scanned with the use of the mine survey grid. Projections of the bas-relieves and altars were made. The project included a cross-section on the height of 1,5 m above the floor level.

  • St. Florian’s Gate

    St. Florian’s Gate is one of the best-known Gothic towers that used to be a part of the city’s fortification. Scanning was done by using a Surphaser scanner. Apply Capnor Poland created a portal including TruView images and high resolution panorama pictures.

  • Belfegor

    The main reason for laser scanning of the PZL M-15 Belfegor agricultural plane was lack of existing technical documentation. Site work was done by 3 survey engineers within 3 days. Survey data was post-processed in Leica Cyclone software.