• HDS Plant

    Due to the lack of complete as-built documentation, CB%I (formerly ABB Lummus Global) decided to order laser scanning and 3D modelling the existing pipe racks. The model imported into PDMS was used for design of new elements to avoid clashes.

  • Exhaust gas scrubber

    From January 1, 2015 vessels navigating in SECA areas are concerned by new, strict EU regulations.

  • CoP Project

    Ekofisk is the largest oilfield with the highest production volume in Norway. The project includes upgrading of 18 offshore platforms

  • Alvheim

    The shuttle tanker Alvheim (previously called Odin) was scanned as a part of a proposal to rebuild the vessel into an FPSO. The ship was then modeled at a very detailed level.

  • Mongstad Refinery

    We have completed several major plant scanning projects in Mongstad Refinery. The facilities have been scanned, the point clouds have been registered and optimized using the software developed in-house.

  • Sture Terminal

    Norsk Hydro requested a 3D model of the complete terminal area with a medium level of details. This model was primarily to be used for explosion analysis. It could also be used for other purposes, and specific areas of the terminal were to have additional scanning at increased level of detail.