Ayelix / Virtual Asset Solutions

Ayelix, our in-house developed tool is a state-of-art solution for every project owners and participants:
•    online access to all required information (3D scans combined with HD pictures)
•    easy navigation in High Resolution panorama
•    see and identify objects from up to 4 different positions
•    check the coordinates and measure missing elements 
•    retrieve full HD colored point clouds directly from the portal
•    upload design 3D model and check its integration to existing objects
•    perform clash verification on real time
•    order additional scanning of missing elements using interactive maps

Ayelix provides undisputed support for plant owners, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, installation and operation & maintenance personnel:

Studies / Project:
•    number of on-site trip reduction
•    clash free design by using point cloud environment
•    relevant information availability: better planning and more efficient design
•    jobcards preparation for all installations

Tendering (Purchase):
•    relevant information availability: less risk, better planning and smarter solutions, more accurate pricing
•    familiarization with the project prior to its start
•    lower cost for Scope of Work definition: number of on-site trip reduction

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
•    improved project HSE statistic – less project man-hours
•    simulations of hazardous operation (before start)
•    onshore training – familiarization with site and procedures
•    location awarness

Operation / Management:
•    virtual meeting point for all contractors, vendors, suppliers
•    simplified communication – one platform
•    direct in-house access to high quality project data
•    location awareness in decision process
•    scan & project data management
•    defined access levels –risk mitigation for unexpected project changes