Apply Capnor offers a comprehensive range of engineering services for our clients:
•    Feasability study
•    Detail engineering, static calculations
•    Workshop drawings
•    As-built documentation

Apply Capnor combines 3D laser scanning with engineering to delivers advantages to its clients:  
•    Clash-free design thanks to point cloud modeling
•    Data integration and re-use
•    Improvement in project management and control

Apply Capnor operates in different types of CAD environments: AutoCAD, Inventor, MicroStation and PDMS / E3D to include but a few.  We are specialized in Piping and Civil & Structural disciplines.

Piping discipline:
Types of documentation:
•    Plot plans
•    3D models
•    Piping arrangement drawings
•    Isometric drawings
•    Bill of materials
•    Stress analysis
•    Support drawings
•    Documentation for authorities in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive
•    As-built documentation

PDSM / E3D administration:

Civil & Structural discipline:

Types of constructions:
•    Expedition terminals
o    Maintenance platforms
o    Process pipe racks
•    Supporting structures
o    Steel support
o    Steel pipe racks

Types of documentation:
•    Detail engineering
•    Workshop drawings
•    Static calculations
•    As-built documentation